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Root Canal Treatment

Charter Oak Dental specializes in root canal treatments. When a problem arises, we can help save your tooth with this type of treatment that is widely used, typically with little discomfort. Root canals allow us to save the natural tooth which offers many advantages such as better functionality for chewing, retention of normal biting force and protection for other teeth.

Here’s what to expect if you need a root canal:

  • After anesthesia is applied, an opening is created through the top of the tooth.
  • The “pulp chamber” allows access to the tooth’s nerve which is removed.
  • The root canal is cleaned, shaped and then filled.
  • Medicine may be applied to help combat any presence of bacteria.
  • A temporary restoration is placed over the area to close it.

At a follow-up appointment, the dentist removes the temporary and restores the tooth with a custom-made crown.

Although the jokes about root canals associate them with immense pain, the procedure typically does not cause much discomfort and actually alleviates the issues that were causing the pain.

At Charter Oak Dental, we are experts at performing root canals and work very hard to keep our patients at ease through the entire process. If you are experiencing mouth pain, don’t wait, schedule an appointment today. We have two offices to serve Hartford, Vernon Rockville and the surrounding communities. Contact us in Hartford at (860) 899-2804 or Vernon Rockville at (860) 926-4789.

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